Why Glob Natural, Non-nano Face Paint? September 24 2014

Glob is thrilled to offer safe and natural, non-nano face paints for your little ghouls and goblins.   As you may be aware, most popular brands of children’s face paints use synthetic and chemical ingredients that can be harmful to your child’s skin. Heavy metals and lead in children's face paint is something to be concerned about when costume planning this Halloween (learn more). Glob offers a natural alternative, with face paints made from...

Anthropologie Artsy School Supply Drive August 27 2014

While we're offering a classroom giveaway, Anthropologie is collecting to support public art in schools. Now a reason to love them for more than their clothes. Donate today!

7 Steps to a Watercolor Banner—A DIY August 07 2014

These days there are endless reasons to make a bunting banner: children’s room decor, birthday celebrations, holidays, or even a summer time art party. We are thrilled to share with you today a simple and easy DIY to create your very own custom watercolor banner using Glob paints!   Supplies Glob natural paints + water Glob bamboo fine tip brush watercolor paper scissors or a paper cutter colorless art masking...

A Summer Art Party with Glob July 02 2014

Summer is upon us! Gone are the days of homework and lunch boxes, early wake up calls and school buses. As the days grow longer, we are often looking for opportunities to involve our children in creative activity. Time to turn off the TV and get messy!Throwing a Summer Art Party is the perfect way to get together with friends, and encourage your children to use their imaginations.What Will You...

Wisdom from a 1st grade teacher May 19 2014

We can't escape technology...but there are ways to manage its uses.   How do you do it?    

Don't Poison the Bunny: Create an Eco-friendly Easter April 22 2014

Read our contribution to The Scoop at Abe's Market, with solutions to a few Eco-Easter challenges.  

Cabin Fever? Fun Ways to Entertain the Kids Inside During Winter February 15 2014

By: Ashley Phelps Founder: Glob Colors, for Abe's Market "The Scoop" February 11th, 2014      When temperatures drop, playtime can be more challenging. If the obvious indoor activities (board games, movies, baking) fail to cure the familiar refrain, "We're bored," turn to one of these fun, eco-friendly activities to keep everyone happy, healthy and sane (especially you). 4 CREATIVE WAYS TO ENTERTAIN KIDS INSIDE IN WINTER Create Your Own...

Make Natural Play Dough with Glob January 11 2014

NATURAL PLAY DOUGH 1 ½ cups flour1 ½ cups water¾ cup salt1 ½ tbsp cream of tartar1 ½ tbsp cooking oil Combine ingredients in a pan (preferably non-stick) and put on medium to low heat. Stir until mixture forms into a dough ball. Allow it to cool and knead on a floured worktop. When cool, divide dough into 6 palm-sized balls. Add ¼-½ tsp of GLOB color to each. Add color...

Print & Paint New Year's Masks December 26 2013

   Click on images to download and print. A fun DIY New Year's craft project for the kids! How to Make Your Glob Mask 1. Print out mask on heavy paper, or glue heavy paper to the back of the printout. 2. Paint mask with Glob Natural Paints. 3. Let mask dry. 4. Use scissors to cut out mask along the dotted lines. (Don’t forget the eyes!) 5. Staple ribbon or string to mask. (Attach...

Get Crafty, DIY Ornaments December 21 2013

Glob's natural fruit & veggie paints make lovely hues when painted on natural wood. We colored these snowflakes with Pomegranate and Basil, a fun DIY project for holiday decorating! Glob can also be used to paint natural wood blocks, and for color stamping.  Visit our Crafty Ideas section for more do-it-yourself creative tips from GLOB.  

Day of the Day Sugar Skull with Glob's Face Paints October 29 2013

Glob Autumn Face Paint used for Day of the Dead celebration, embellished with some gold sparkles!

Know the toxins in your child's face paints. October 22 2013

The most popular brands of children’s face paints use synthetic and chemical ingredients that can be harmful to your child’s skin. Glob offers a safe and natural alternative to these artificial face paints, made from botanical extracts and organic ingredients.  Here's a quick list of the main ingredients in face paints from leading brands: Polyethylene Glycol (PEG): potentially carcinogenic petroleum ingredient used in cleansers to dissolve oil and grease. PEG adjusts the...
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